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CompanyAbout Us
   Aztec International S.A. is a cooperating partner of American Aztec Washer Inc. group headquartered in California. Based in Poznań Polish division and it’s facility is a leading supplier to the European market of wide range powder painted screws, Master Seal® washers, Master Flash® roof/pipe flashings and Master Plug® fastening systems. Our production unit specializes in powder painting a different type of fasteners. For these purposes we use our own designed technology and machinery Master Coat® developed and manufactured by Aztec. Our products can be found in most markets among different European and Eastern countries.

   Aztec company is well known for it’s reliability, usage of high quality raw materials and excellent powder painting service as well as short realization terms and fast delivery to any location around Europe. Production capacity allows us to paint more than 1 million screws a day while continuous quality control in both manufacturing process and prior to shipment ensure the highest standards of products supplied.