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01.05.2017 to 03.05.2017 - office closed


Our office will be closed from 01.05.2017 till 03.05.2017 due to the public holidays.

Christmas time - shipment and working hours


There will be no shipments from Aztec from 19.12.2016 till 02.01.2017 due to inventory check.

Our Office will be closed from 23. untill 26.12.2016 as well as on 06.01.2017.

From Tuesday January 3rd 2017 we are open again.

Aztec international S.A. among The Business Cheetahs 2012

Aztec international S.A. among The Business Cheetahs 2012


Aztec International S.A. received the title „Efficient company 2012” and was among "The Business Cheetah 2012”- ranking of the fastest growing enterprises and cooperatives banks according to the increase in market value in Poland. The list is created each year by the "European company”. In the competition were analyzed financial results of 60 thousands of businesses.

Transformation of the subsidiary’s profile


The Management Board of Aztec international S.A. took measures to change the profile of Aztec U.K. ltd. from distribution to production and distribution company. The venture will enable the Capital Group to enrich technological potential and increase production capacity. Moreover, the Management Board says that these changes will influence the costs optimization in Aztec U.K. ltd.

Resolutions of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders


On the 25th of April 2013 the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders was held which, among others, approved the conversion of the registered shares which belonged to HAMADE LCC to bearer’s shares. Additionally, the Extraordinary General Meeting authorized the Management Board of Aztec International S.A. to purchase the treasury shares on the basis of and within the bounds set by the General Meeting.

More information contains the Attachment to the Current Report No. 11/2013 of 25.04.2013.

The Golden Website Contest

The Golden Website Contest


We are pleased to announce that Aztec International has been qualified for the second stage of the Golden Website contest. The 6th edition of the GOLDEN WEBSITE contest is organized by the Polish Association of Listed Companies (SEG). The aim of the contest is to choose the best website of a listed company in its Polish language version.

Sale of shares in the subsidiary


On the 1st of February 2013 Aztec International S.A. concluded an agreement concerning the sale of all shares held in the company Aztec Dichtscheiben GmbH. The sale of shares was the result of receiving a favourable purchase offer and the opinion of the Company′s Management Board that the inflow of proceeds from the transaction would bring more benefits than cash flows generated by the subsidiary.

More information contains the Current Report No. 3/2013 of 01.02.2013.

Report no 3.2013 from 1.02.2013.pdf Report no 3/2013 from 1.02.2013
Sale of shares in the subsidiary
81 KB Download

Business Gazelles 2012

Business Gazelles 2012


Aztec International S.A. was among the Business Gazelles 2012 - ranking of the fastest growing small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland.

Technology tax relief


Aztec has the opportunity to take advantage of the new technology tax relief relating to the investment project in new technologies.

More information contains the Current Report No. 27/2012 of 20.12.2012

Report no 27 2012 from 20. 12. 2012 Information on the possibility of receiving a tech tax credit in relation to new technologies investment project.pdf Report no 27/2012 from 20.12.2012
Information on the possibility of receiving a tax exemption in relation to new technologies investment project
78 KB | Download

Continuation of significant cooperation


Continuation of significant commercial cooperation with well-known distributor of building materials.

More information contains Current Report no. 24/2012 of 20.09.2012.

Report no 24 2012. Signing a significant commercial agreement.pdf Report no 24/2012 from 20.09.2012
Signing a significant commercial agreement
81 KB | Download